What Facebook Knows About the Election

With nearly one-billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest focus group, registering three-billion “Likes” per day.  Facebook can tell us a lot about where people stand on the issues.  No where is this more prevalent than in the 2012 presidential election.  And Wisdom is the key to unlocking all of this data.  Wisdom provides a unique snapshot into the electorate.  By analyzing Romney and Obama supporters interests, demographics, and psychographics, a clear picture of their Fan bases gives us tremendous insights into the consumer segments behind each of the candidates.

In fact, within the Wisdom network, we have captured the profile data of more than 3% of Obama’s fan base and more than 2% of Romney’s.  Given that most national polls are conducted with less than 5000 participants, Wisdom has one of the most statistically significant subsets of both candidate’s supporters.  And while Obama leads Romney by a 5X factor in fans, our trending data shows that Romney is attracting fans at a much faster rate.

Following are some of the key insights derived from Romney vs. Obama Facebook Fans, derived via Wisdom’s network of more than 15 million consumers:

  • Romney appeals to men more than women, while Obama’s female appeal is stronger.
  • If you’re single, you’re more likely to vote for Obama over Romney.
  • But, married people are more likely to vote for Romney than Obama.
  • Romney’s fans, on average, are nearly 10 years older than Obama’s fans.
  • Obama’s fans are much more likely to live in urban areas than that of Romney’s.


By analyzing Fan "Likes," we can see very distinct segments appealing to each side.

Which Athletes Are Winning the Social Media Games?

We’ve been busy crunching Facebook page stats on the countries, teams, and athletes that have helped make this Olympics an unforgettable experience. And while records are being broken on the land, water, and in the air, this year may be remembered as much for the social media stars off the field, as for those competing on the field.

When you look at week over week growth in fan pages, you get a very different perspective on who the winners are. In fact, Equestrian is the number one trending sports page, growing by more than 9%, while Usain Bolt is the most talked about athlete, with more than a quarter-of-a-million people talking about him on Facebook.  When you combine this public data with Wisdom’s demographic/psychographic/interest data, you can get a good snapshot into the fans behind the players.

Only half way into the games, and social media has already dramatically impacted them, forever changing the way we receive information about the events, event while at odds with television broadcasters wishes. It’s fair to say that in today’s always-on socially-connected world, tape delay has little meaning.

And, while there are many Olympic focused infographics making the rounds this week, Wisdom’s analysis of the games from a Facebook perspective was among the few prominently featured on the home page of Visual.ly.

Get Wiser on the NFL Draft

How did your team do in this year’s draft?

It’s hard to judge how well each team will do this early in the process, but it’s still fun to guess! You can tell a lot about a recruit by how large their fan base is on Facebook. Do you know which athlete has the largest? Who has the most dedicated? Which fan base do you have the most similarities to? These are questions that Wisdom can help you find. With 10.5 million Facebook users using Wisdom, you can gain significant insight into the fan base behind your favorite team or player!

But hey, with the 2012 draft now in our rear view mirror, why dwell on the past? Lets get started on checking out the senior prospects for the 2013 draft next year! Get a leg up on the competition by learning about the fans behind the players. See if you can predict where you think they will end up next year!

As of right now, Trojans QB, Matt Barkley leads the list as the top recruit for 2013, and he already has over 10 thousand fans on Facebook! But as we all know from the past, football is completely unpredictable. Determining by the fan base, can you tell which college recruits will round out the list?

It’s the Final Countdown!

March Madness is nearing the end and it’s all come down to the face-off between Kentucky and Kansas! As similar as these schools are in regard to student body, talent and even school colors, according to Wisdom, the fans are tremendously different. Head to https://apps.facebook.com/wisdomapp or check out the iPad version to see the latest Championship infograph and find out what you can learn about the fans behind the teams!

To see the full infographic, visit the Wisdom App today!

This is Madness!

As March Madness winds down, how’s your bracket looking? With only two games left to the championship, there is still plenty of time to deepen your sports knowledge and learn more about the final four teams. With Wisdom, you can find out which fans are the wildest? Who makes the most money? Which group is fans are most like you? And if you’re looking for somewhere to hang out to watch the games, let Wisdom help you find the best places to go to root for your favorite teams!

In case you haven’t been following as closely as we have, the remaining Final Four are: Ohio State, Kentucky, Louisville, and Kansas. All great, and expected contenders! Do the fans of these teams have anything in common? You might find it interesting to find out which professional sports team are Kentucky fans favorite! I’ll give you a hint, it’s a team located in a rival’s state.

Tap into Wisdom for many more interesting facts to impress your peers and discover that there’s much more to a team than their ranking. If you haven’t installed Wisdom yet, head over to Wisdom.com to find out how you can download it today and check out the new March Madness Infographic!

Georgetown Univ. Welcomes Wisdom into the Classroom

Did you ever think a free app could be incorporated into a University curriculum?  And, not just any university, but the prestigious Georgetown University’s Business school, no less.  Well, Wisdom isn’t just any app.  And, Georgetown University’s Professor Betsy Sigman isn’t just any professor – she’s the kind that likes to introduce new, cutting-edge marketing techniques to her undergrad e-commerce class.  And, when we first met at MicroStrategy World in Miami, I knew that she was a fellow data junky and would immediately see the value in Wisdom from both a practical and academic perspective.

Georgetown University's e-commerce class was treated to a lesson on Wisdom.

But I never imagined that Professor Sigman would open up her classroom to us on an unusually warm Feb. day.  That’s exactly what she did, giving us a wonderful speaking platform in a beautiful lecture hall in the new Hariri business school on campus.  And the amazing thing is how much college students get it – social, mobile, e-commerce – this is second nature to these bright young men and women who never knew a time when there was no Amazon.com. 
We spoke to the class for about 45 minutes and had an open discussion about Facebook, privacy concerns, up-and-coming social networks, and a host of other related topics.  And that’s when I realized that it was I who had a lot to learn from them.  Many students were running their own blogs and e-commerce sites.  They were already very familiar with using Facebook and Twitter for building their business’, and were actually leveraging  newer networks such as Pinterest and InstaGram to drive additional traffic.
I am very grateful for the time we spent interacting with students.  I feel like if these students were representative of their generation, the future is in good hands with them as stewards.

Wisdom is Focus at OMMA Data and Behaviorial Conference

On Feb. 22nd, a who’s who in media, e-commerce and digital advertising gathered in New York City’s Sheraton Hotel to attended the annual OMMA Conference on Data and Behaviorial Advertising.  A yearly event highlighted by an intense one-hour vendor grilling session, I was asked to represent MicroStrategy’s Wisdom app at this high-paced roundtable discussion along with executives from other social media data-driven companies.  The line-up included:

Allie Kline, CMO, 33Across

Richard Krueger, Senior Director of Marketing, Microstrategy

Pancer, COO, media6degrees

Nikhil Sethi, Co-Founder and CEO, Adaptly

Wisdom’s ability to provide social analytics, or to be more precise, Fan Intelligence, differentiated us from the other companies, whose business’ focused on social advertising solutions.  And while we offer a very different value proposition, all recognized the increasing role social media data is playing in marketing.

The OMMA Data and Behaviorial conference’s Grill the Vendor Session

“Getting data isn’t the problem. Figuring out what it means to your business is big data’s bigger challenge this year,” according to the Online Marketing Media and Advertising organization.

 And that gets to the heart of MicroStrategy’s Wisdom app, a tool to help you make sense of the collective intelligence of more than 7.5-million (and growing) profiles in the Wisdom database.  That’s an incredible amount of information, all anonomized, and available to anyone with a Facebook account for free. 


The line-up including industry leading social data companies, including MicroStrategy.


Find Happiness with Wisdom

Getting sick of doing the same thing every weekend? Or are you new to a city and looking for the fun places to hang out? Let Wisdom help you get there by tapping into the collective intelligence of millions of Facebook users. With the insight you gain from Wisdom, you will be able to make better decisions about where to go, what to do, and pretty much find out anything about anything in just a matter of seconds.

Just as an example, are you interested in meeting single, educated women between the ages of 21-27? Wisdom can help you find out where they like to go on Friday nights so that you don’t have to waste any more time looking in the wrong places!

See our brand new video today and find out how Wisdom can help people like Stuart find happiness.

The Award For The Best Fans Goes To….

The 84th annual Academy Awards are only 2 short days away.  For most of our lifetimes we have been there to witness the definitive moments in Oscar Star’s careers, but have we ever taken the time to understand the fans behind Hollywood?

One interesting fan base is that of actress Meryl Streep’s. As expected, Meryl Streep has been nominated for yet another Oscar, her 17th to be exact.  She made her acting debut in 1975, and since then, we have watched the incredible moments of her career unfold before our eyes. We’ve followed her in the tabloids for years, staying informed on every detail of her life. However, have we ever stopped to think about what her fans are like? Throughout her career she has touched all genres – from children’s cartoons, to action films, to timeless classics. Her films appeal to nearly every type of movie fan.  So what is the average age of her fans? What do her fans like to do? Is there any type of similarity between them? These are all questions that can be answered with Wisdom.

In a recent article featured in LA Times, Oliver Gettell describes how Wisdom provides insights into the fans behind the Oscars.


For more information on LA Times’s coverage of Wisdom and the Oscars, check out the article titled: A crowd-sourced Facebook app wises up on the Oscar Race.

Wisdom Keeps Getting Smarter

We already know by now that Wisdom is smart. It’s an amazing research tool that gives you the ability to customize an audience segments down to their Likes, demographic and psychographic information. But now Wisdom is even smarter. With new extended filtering capabilities, all Wisdom users now have the ability to derive insight based on Affluence, Popularity and Influence.

In terms of Affluence, Wisdom now provides you with a wealth indicator. Through calculating combinations of Facebook data points, an affluence score can be derived based on indicators such as location, education level, job, page likes, and other external public information. To a marketer, this type of information is vital and can be used to pinpoint high value audience segments based on specific criteria along with the ability to compare that knowledge to other potential segments. From a curiosity perspective, you can see exactly where you or your friends might rank in comparison to the full Wisdom Network population.

In regards to Popularity, a segments social network standing can be determined based on the level of communications to their profiles such as event invites, game invites, Timeline posts, and other factors. Now you can discover how social a segment of the population is compared to others.

Lastly, with the new Influence score, you can determine how influential a segment is. Looking to target users who can create some buzz for your brand? This is exactly the filtering feature you have been waiting for.

To explore the new scoring features yourself, open up the application, select Wisdom Network, and head over to our new Scores tab. From there you can create new filters and see right away where your audience segment stands in comparison to the full population of the Wisdom Network in light of Affluence, Influence and Popularity.

Try it today and let us know how these new scoring features might mean to you.