Aberdeen Group Hot on Wisdom

The Aberdeen Group is one of the most respected technology analyst firm’s in the biz.  We invited Aberdeen Group’s David White to join us at the recent MicroStrategy World in Miami, where he learned about our new offerings.  Not surprisingly, David was most capitvated by the potential of our Wisdom app.  In a recent blog post, he writes, “With Wisdom, users can understand the demographic profile of people who like specific entities – be they people, places or products.  For example, it’s easy to discern the demographic profile of people who like a certain politician, a particular brand of beer, or a TV show.  More critically for marketers, is the intersection – understanding which TV shows beer drinkers watch, for example.” 

He goes onto conclude, “Putting this style of application into the hands of brand managers, ad agencies and consumer retailers could provide a wealth of previous unseen relationships and linkages between consumers and brands.”  We couldn’t agree more David.

You can read David’s entire account from MicroStrategy World in his blog post, Is MicroStrategy Hot Again?  To which I have to reply, if Wisdom is any indication, I would say we’re on fire! 

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