What Facebook Knows About the Election

With nearly one-billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest focus group, registering three-billion “Likes” per day.  Facebook can tell us a lot about where people stand on the issues.  No where is this more prevalent than in the 2012 presidential election.  And Wisdom is the key to unlocking all of this data.  Wisdom provides a unique snapshot into the electorate.  By analyzing Romney and Obama supporters interests, demographics, and psychographics, a clear picture of their Fan bases gives us tremendous insights into the consumer segments behind each of the candidates.

In fact, within the Wisdom network, we have captured the profile data of more than 3% of Obama’s fan base and more than 2% of Romney’s.  Given that most national polls are conducted with less than 5000 participants, Wisdom has one of the most statistically significant subsets of both candidate’s supporters.  And while Obama leads Romney by a 5X factor in fans, our trending data shows that Romney is attracting fans at a much faster rate.

Following are some of the key insights derived from Romney vs. Obama Facebook Fans, derived via Wisdom’s network of more than 15 million consumers:

  • Romney appeals to men more than women, while Obama’s female appeal is stronger.
  • If you’re single, you’re more likely to vote for Obama over Romney.
  • But, married people are more likely to vote for Romney than Obama.
  • Romney’s fans, on average, are nearly 10 years older than Obama’s fans.
  • Obama’s fans are much more likely to live in urban areas than that of Romney’s.


By analyzing Fan "Likes," we can see very distinct segments appealing to each side.

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